The Story of Chester Cheetah

I'm going to tell you a story: In 2004, when my son Aidan was 2, the two of us went to the SPCA to pick out a kitty. We walked into the free range cat room and quietly sat down on the floor (Aidan in my lap) to see if anyone caught our eye. From across the room we saw a big lanky black cat get up, stretch ever so slowly, and walk over to us. He sniffed us both for a minute, let us pet him, and then to our surprise and absolute delight, climbed up into Aidan's lap and got comfortable. That cat chose US....and his name was Mack. That cat would become our Frankie Friend, best cat ever for the next 11 years....until we lost him to diabetic complications. 2 months later, sad and lonely without a cat in my home I decide to start volunteering at the SPCA and maybe see if anyone could compare to my lost love. One afternoon I am sitting in the free range cat room and two 7 month old tiger striped brothers climb into my lap and get comfortable. After a few minutes one gets up and goes to find something else to do. The one left sat there and let me cuddle him for 2 hours before the shelter closed up for the night. As I was standing up, with him still in my arms I asked "What is this one's name?" "Mack" she said. I brought him home the next day. :)
Kingston, NY