The Story of Pip

I have always had a cat in my life. So, I have lots of cat stories. My favorite one concerns one of my current cats, Pip. It all started back in 2005. We had 3 cats: Beau the 18 year old male, along with Leo my orange tabby male and Agate our tortie female. Life was good. But then around Thanksgiving, Beau was sent over the rainbow bridge due to health issues. Then a week later we discovered that Leo had liver cancer and he died suddenly. It was such a shock; I had lost my two boys. I was devastated. We waited until after the holidays, but right after, in early January, I rushed to the humane society to bring home my new boys. And there they were; two 9 month old brown tabbies were waiting for me. They became Rufus (I liked the name) and Pip (after the character in Great Expectations). Our family was complete again. But there was something about Pip. He never filled out like Rufus. And he and Agate just seemed to not get along very well. They both just acted prissy around each other. I mentioned it to the vet who just said that Pip was one of those odd cats. So a year went by. I had looked at Pip’s bottom and thought to myself, this is not a male cat. So during the next annual checkup the vet confirmed that yes, Pip is not a male, she is a GIRL! You can imagine our shock! Our tabbies were no longer “the boys”. We were stunned for a day or so, and then everything fell into place. Once we acknowledged she was a she, Pip blossomed. She is 12 now, she is Princess Pippy and she rules the house. Pictured are Rufus (left) and Pip (right)..
Laura Batzer
Milwaukee, WI