The Story of Rainy May

There is a barn on our property that I was walking by when I heard a kitten cry. There are many cats in the area and I figured one of them had a litter of kittens in the barn. I didn’t think much about it until I walked back by the barn and heard the cry, but more frantic. I climbed into the loft and found one lonely kitten….yet I was reluctant to take it. I didn’t know if mom might have been in the process of moving them. I waited to near dark and it was getting cold. I couldn’t take it any longer I didn’t know if the mom abandoned this one for some reason. I already had 12 cats that had been dropped off on my property and was in the process of having them fixed and released, I didn’t need another mouth to feed, but I knew she wouldn’t make it without me. This little pitiful thing was no bigger than my hand and didn’t even have its eyes open. I had bought milk/bottle in case the mom hadn’t come back…and she didn't. So I scooped the little thing up, took her in side and got her a bottle ready. The struggle was real…she hated the bottle and fought me tooth and claw every time I fed her, which was every 2 hrs. She would bite and claw the bottle and try chewing the nipples off. I had to learn quickly how to make a little kitten go poo, which was not fun!! I had every intention of finding her a good home. That good home ended up being mine. After bottle feeding my little Rainy May I just couldn’t let her go…fast forward 4 yrs. and I wouldn’t take anything for her. I didn’t really find her, she found me and I’m so very glad she did. She is now a indoor cat, and she makes me laugh at least 10 times a day. It was exhausting in the beginning, but oh how worth every minute of it she is. I love my Rainy May!
Kingsport, TN