The street cat

To be totally honest I was never a cat person. I never wanted to see anything bad happen to a cat but growing up we had dogs and when I got married and I had my own home we too had dogs. Then one day out of the blue I decided I wanted a cat. I told my family and played with the idea but didn't make any plans to get said cat until one day I saw a post on Facebook and realized in my heart I found my cat. It had been living on the streets around the airforce base since the summer time, the woman that took it in figured that someone had gotten posted and just left it behind to fend for itself. The winter had taken a bad turn and she had gotten it inside but her room mates told her she had to take it to the shelter as there was already 4 cats in the apartment. Being she lived in between districts the shelter wouldn't take it and she was going to have to put it back outside. Posting it on Facebook was a last resort for her and I just couldn't let her put it back outside so after work that night I drove 2 towns over and picked it up. After a trip to the vets we discovered what we thought was a pretty girl that we had named Bella turned out to be a handsome fixed boy who we renamed Bubba. It has took him a few months to accept my two dogs but me he adopted right away. He doesn't like to be picked up but he will on his terms snuggle with you when he wants to but he greets me everyday after work, he a talker and loves having his long bushy tail brushed as he walks past you. We have since adopted 2 other cats pretty much in the same way, from the street. Giving them a home opened my heart in ways I can't even describe. I love my zoo.
TL Hill
Colborne, Canada