The "suckers" at the end of the road

My husband and I both love animals, especially cats. Stray cats seem to find there way toward our house which was at the end of a dead-end road. While feeding an orange stray we named Oscar, we noticed a skinny cat I can only describe in coloring as "Calitortie" We named her Callie. After much coaxing, she let us get close to her. One evening after work, I found Callie in the truck bed- with three kittens. She had never been in the garage, only on our front porch. I moved them into our sun-room for safety. My other two cats watched though the glass doors. Callies pregnancy didn't show we guess due to her size and the kittens were very small and one passed away that night. Callie fed her babies and we fed them with a syringe, weighing them daily. Though we didn't need to have 5 cats, we ended up adding Callie, Stripes and Fluffy to our family. Stripes was wobbly in her walk and play- Our vet diagnosed Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). The CH never slowed her down. We then made a move to another state with cats in tow. A year or so after moving, our sweet Callie got sick very quickly and we lost her. FIP! Fluffly developed and succomed a week later. I cried for days and sometimes still do. I watched and worried with my others, especially stripes. The vet thinks she had it when pregnancy and it could have caused the CH in Stripes and the Tragic illness in the other two. Years later, Stripes is now a very fluffy, smart and playful cat. she is pictured here on my feet on my bed. I am happy Callie found her way to the suckers with hearts of love for animals
Julie F Moses
Herrin, IL