The sweetest kitten ever!!

We'd had a cat for years named Sadey. We all knew each other's routine, she didn't ask for much and we were busy coming and going. About a year ago, my older daughter's cat (Presley) came to stay the weekend, and is still here (ha!). She's not an overly affectionate cat, kinda keeps to herself. About six months ago as Sadey's health was declining, and it was very clear that she didn't like the new roommate, a grey male kitten showed up on our front porch. I was hesitant to take on yet another pet, but he is the sweetest animal ever!! He loves everyone, plays with everyone, he's gentle and never mean, and just makes me smile every day. He has brought out such a fun personality in the other animals, they get along, and actually play with each other. His timing seemed so perfect as Sadey was at the end of her life, and he picked up where she left off. We named him King Julian (KJ) and we're so glad he picked our house on that day months ago. The picture is KJ and our dog, Oreo, hanging out as I get ready for work one morning.
Wendy Langston