The tremendous trio- the rescues that rescued me.

I’d just lost the last of my two boy cats and I’d convinced myself I didn’t want another cat. It had been a trying time and I’d been through loss of my mother and a lot of change. I thought I just needed to collect myself and try to move forward. During this time, my husband wanted a dog. It wasn’t easy at first to find what we wanted because the pure bred lab we thought we wanted was out of our price range. I suggested a slightly older dog and my husband agreed. After an intense search of, Our rescue lab came from Taipai and he’s been Daddy’s shadow ever since. I also adopted a tortie cat locally since I’ve always loved the spirit in these cats. My husband swore the cat and dog would bond and live harmoniously ever after. I was skeptical, but he was right! They are tolerant of one another and I couldn’t’ be happier. I actually think the tortie is in love with the dog. Lastly, I happened to befriend an adorable little feral cat that lived in the neighborhood and she was very affectionate to me. Thankfully my husband was okay with me taking her in, so she was spayed, microchipped, vaccinated etc.. She rounded out our tremendous trio. Our animal family comes together of all rescues (within 4 months). We worked at Scent swapping and helping them all adjust. I’m happy to report that they’re all doing fine. The moral to this story is that as much as we rescued them, they rescued us too. They filled the house with soo much joy.
San Jose, CA