The Unsinkable Molly...

Molly is the only survior from a litter of kittens that was found in a box at a construction sight. The person that found the kittens gave them to my friend Kelly who does a lot of foster work with cats and kittens. Kelly and I do some animal rescue work together and when I wanted another kitten I went over to her house and sat down in her "kitten room". Molly at four weeks old was the first kitten to come over and choose me. She has more personality and energy than any other animal I have ever been around. I have four other cats and Molly keeps all our spirits up with her good natured antics, love and gymnastic feats. She is truely larger than life and should be in Hollywood. I often think she must be living life for all her brothers and sisters.
Terry Sheehan
Lewisville, TX