The ZBoys

One chilly afternoon in April, 2011, my husband was walking our dogs and saw a bag by the side of the road - thinking it was trash, he picked it up. Inside were 4 kittens, 2 dead about 6 weeks old, and 2 very alive at barely 10 days - 2 weeks. We hand fed them, took them to the vet for constipation, checkups and held them for hours, mimicking the mothers care as best we could. We named them Zuess and Zion-my husband said they needed strong names! This picture is their first night with us. Today, they are beautiful Turkish Vans, about 12 pounds and a constant joy and full of love. They fit right in with our family of 11 rescues! How anyone can do such a thing to animals is beyond me and I can't help hoping they get "payback"!
Mio, MI