This is Milo's Story

I was visiting my cousin in Oregon, and while I was there I found a stray kitten. I scoured the neighborhood and local shelters trying to find his owners, but no one claimed him. A week passed and I decided he was going home to California with me. He was about two or three months old and already neutered. After a Vet examination it was concluded he was in very good health. I named him Milo. He was a happy kitten, kind and playful with my two older cats Tasha and Gracie; they were 18 and 20 years old at this time. The story begins when he turned into a teenager. His testosterone was flooding his body and he became very aggressive, actually quite mean. I took him to the Vet and it was decided to give him Zanax to calm him. Well, it didn’t work and I was at a loss. I had to keep my old girls away from him, he would chase them and lash out biting and scratching. I kept my distance too. Then the miracle happened. I was passing through the living room, the TV was blaring, and I heard a comment, “If the tissue is not completely removed when neutered, testosterone is still present and continues to affect the personality of the cat.” This information staggered me, maybe this was Milo’s problem. The Vet surgically examined him and discovered his testicles were intact and did not drop. From the outside he looked neutered, and because I found him, I didn’t know his history. After he was neutered he changed into a loving, peaceful and content cat. Years have gone by and he has never shown aggression, not even a scratch. He is very devoted to me, constantly follows me and when I sit, he is immediately on my lap. It is determined that he is a Norwegian Forest Cat, he is a beautiful cat inside and out. I love him immensely. I believe it was a blessing I happened to hear that one sentence on TV that changed Milo’s life.
Cherie Bennett Mayse
Roseville, CA