This Rescue lived to be almost Twenty

Other dog lovers in my family, told me of a six year old male Lhasa Apso whom needed rescuing. He was rescued from an abusive household when police intervened, and fostered by my relative. When visiting her (she lived four provinces away from me) I met this sweet darling only once. Once rescued, the vet discovered he had a broken leg which had never been taken care of, and which 'healed' broken. My answer to adopting him was an immediate yes. I flew him across the country to my province in Canada. With veterinarian care, he was fixed up and going on twice daily walks with me and eventually off-leash runs in a near-by woods with my other dog. His emotional healing came along quickly, with my hugging him tightly when he awakened with nightmares the first few months, & lots of love. He was wagging within the first day; slept on our bed at the foot, the first night; and became such a happy loving snuggle-bug very quickly. I could tell he loved being in a peaceful home; fit right in with our other dog; and he flourished. He lived to be almost twenty; with frequent vet checks in his final year to make sure he was never in any kind of pain. He died peacefully in my arms, after I softly sang his very own songs that were just for him: Polka Dot Boy...sung to tune of 'Polka Dot Door', and "You're My Best Boy.." from the musical Aunty 'Mame!' I sang those songs to him and more, every day of his 14 happy years with us. Everyone commented what a sweet, happy boy he was. I loved him with all of my heart; my sweet wise old Tibetan.
Toronto, Canada