Three Loved Kittens - Furiosa(Mad Max movie), Wolfgang and Hades(Greek God in Fiction story - not to worry folks, not the devil)

Our family had a very hard time after our cat Deck passed in January 2015. By June 2015 my husband and son let me know they had to have another cat; my heart was still in pain (I cried every time I thought about getting attached again) but I agreed to at least go look at the shelter on Fathers Day. After deciding to look at bonded pairs and having sat through several sweethearts but nothing calling to me, the shelter brought in our last bonded pair before we were going to look at singles. They were teeny tiny, the smallest ones yet and had been in recovery together. Their horror story brought them together, a black short hair who's front leg and shoulder had been amputated and a Norwegian Forest kitten who's back leg had been broken. They were alert, loving, and took my heart (ok tearing up even now). My son asked if he could please see the single he was drawn to and I agreed while sitting with two kittens on my lap. My son and husband came back to the room with said kitten to see how he'd get along with the others and that was all she wrote. We left that day with 3 kittens and have been blessed every day since. They get along beautifully, play, sleep and eat well together and we like to think they clearly know how much we love them (we even just built them a catio so they can be outside with us but safe). We had the stairs from our old cat still and our three legged kitten uses them to get to the top of the couch (and we've added other things around the house for her). People think I am crazy to have adopted the three legged kitten - one person when so far as to say I should have left her and let them eventually put her down (that made me angry) but she it the sweetest, opinionated, fearless individual I have ever had and I am extremely grateful she came into our lives.
Aurora, CO