Tiffany rescues me ...

Tiffany, along with her brother Sparkles were found living alone on the streets of Etobicoke in the snowy days following Christmas of 1995; they were 2 months old then. After being rescued, their bodies partially shaven (to clean their coats) and fostered by a local vet, they sat there for weeks with nobody wanting to adopt them. I was looking for one companion for Q since we had recently lost Samantha, but when I saw how scared they were, I could not separate them and we(Q and I) immediately opened our home to them. Since then, Tiffany has been my saviour. She helped me through the passing of her brother Sparkles, our beloved Q and now supports my expansion from a place of shared joy! She cuddles right up to me at night purring non-stop and patiently relaxes on the couch while I work from home. We are a team. Girls rule here in Etobicoke!! Thank you Tiffany for choosing to stick around through these painful years and continue to bring joy into our lives!!!
Daniela Torres
Etobicoke, Canada