It was the very end of the summer and I'd just gone through a tough break-up. I had moved into my first apartment living solo and, having gone from living with my parents to living with my now-ex, now living by myself was tough to get used to - it was too quiet, even with the TV always on. Two weeks in, I decided I needed company. I headed to the local SPCA where my eyes spotted a 6 yr old Tuxedo cat named "Tinkerbell." She had been returned twice to the shelter: once after 5 yrs due to a family member becoming allergic and once after 6 months for fighting with other cats. They opened her cage for and warned me that she was known as a "diva." She slowly creeped toward my hand and nuzzled against it. "I'll take her." I told them... Our first night together was rocky. She hissed and swatted but still insisted on being on the bed with me. (Diva was right!) ;-) ... By morning I woke up to find her snuggled up in my arms. It was true love from then on. Where I was, she was, and she always had to be touching me in some way, even if it was just a paw on my leg while we watched TV. Every night when it was time for sleep she would creep over from the far side of the bed and put both her paws on top of my hand and we fell asleep like that each night. Three blissful years went by and then one morning she was gone. Silently and peacefully curled up on the dining room carpet - her spirit had slipped away in the night. If an animal can be your soulmate, she was mine. Our connection was amazing. ...Both rejected from previous situations, we found healing through each other. I may have rescued her from a shelter, but in truth, she rescued me.
Fall River, MA