I met TinTin at a parking lot in my neighborhood. About three years ago, one day she just appeared out of nowhere so I offered her some food. She was then a kitten, but after a few days to my horror I realized that she was pregnant. Is it because all calico tabby cats are extremely charming and sexy? I don't know. Anyway after her babies were weaned, I got her, sent her to the vet's, had her spayed, then released her to the parking lot. She came to me for a late dinner ever since. There were some other cats at the parking lot who came to me for dinner as well, but she was the only one who tracked me down and found out where I lived, then she would wait for me downstairs my apartment. She ran happily toward me as soon as she hard the sound I made by shaking my keys. Sometime she didn't appear for dinner, and I would feel very lost and worried. Last September she didn't appear for two days. I was very worried. Two days later she showed up, but with a limp hind leg. I gave her food and she devoured it, after finished eating she hurried away. Stooping there watching her limp away, there was a lump in my throat and I was determined to get her to the vet's the next day. The next day I brought her food and a kennel as well. I gently held her up when she was busy eating, put her into the kennel then brought her home. The next day I brought her to the vet's who told me her wound was infected and there was abscess in it, so they needed to perform an operation to clean the wound thoroughly. She stayed at the vet's overnight for the operation, the next day I brought her to my little classroom and ever since she has become one of my indoor cats.
Kate Hsieh
Taipei, Taiwan