Tiny Kitten on the Road

My semi-retired husband has began to bike on his days off. In the middle of June, while biking on a rural blacktop, he saw a tiny kitten laying on its side with its tongue hanging out. His first thought when he biked past it was “Aww, a dead kitten”. Then the tail flopped. He went back and picked up the kitten who started meowing loudly. He had to bike home, so he put the kitten in his shirt pocket where she fell asleep. When he texts the picture of his pocket, I started frantically researching online what to do. We estimate she was only 24-48 hours old because she still had her umbilical cord. Dave put her on a heating pad and found some bottles and dry kitten formula from many years ago. We called a couple of animal rescue places but they were full. So with some advice from another woman who raises neonatal kittens and lots of internet research, we started the process of raising this kitten. We started with feeding her ¼ teaspoon of formula every two hours, kept her in a carrier on a heating pad and had to stimulate her to urinate. We felt like sleep deprived new parents. We were very lucky to have some retired friends that were able to keep her during the day to stay on the feeding schedule. We tried to be realistic about her chances of survival because we knew we could easily lose her. Almost nine weeks later, we have Orlanda, a healthy, high energy kitten to add to our household of three cats (who still aren’t too crazy about her). We had no plans to add another cat, but after all we went through, there wasn’t any way we could have given her to anyone else!
Diana & Dave Deutsch
Utica, IL