Tornado Survivor

Bebee is from the city of Bebee (which she is named for after the fire department rescued her) in Arkansas and a survivor of the outbreak of tornadoes that swept through the state in January 1999. She was brought into the clinic with broken bones sticking out in her front leg, a dislocated knee, full of maggots and weighing only 3-1/2 pounds. She was but one of the thousands displaced and brought into Little Rock over a period of weeks. In all her pain and suffering when I placed my hand in the box, she purred, and that sealed our fate. I had only planned to foster her but after 3 surgeries and living under my bed for 6 months, she became a family member. She was the first of our 3 rescues we now have. She is a healthy inside, 17 pound door greeter and just had her 12th birthday. Sometimes in tragedy the most beautiful gifts are found. More then 100 animals were adopted from our clinic alone among the reunions to owners and families.
Pembroke Pines, FL