Totoro's Journey

It was a warm day in December and my brother starts calling out "Mama, there is a bob cat in our yard!!" Everyone goes to the window, to our disappointment (or relief depending on who you ask), it was not a bob cat, but a pretty large tabby. Over the next few weeks this cat would come to our porch to eat however he was skittish and afraid of humans. One day he came at his normal afternoon feeding time, not putting pressure on one of his back legs. It was broken and from that point, my family knew he was our newest fur baby. We called Animal Control to help us catch him and get him to our vet. This was a big mistake. They took him off saying that he would be looked at by their vet and they would give us a call, there was no call. We called them the next day and they had no cats matching that description, they only had a feral cat that would be put down by the next day. My older sister called right back and posed as a high schooler doing a paper. When we arrived, the director fought with us and told us that this cat would never be normal, he couldn't be friendly and our vet would never treat him. However, we could take home his ashes. In a fury, we called our vet and she would look at him and would be happy to treat him. We got him from their clutches and rushed him to our vet and his savior! He had the worst break our vet had ever seen and his leg had to be amputated. He got the works on his three day vet visit. For the first few months, Totoro would hide, hiss, swat and spit at anyone who got to close, but we couldn't blame him for being scared. Three years later and he is the sweetest, playful and most loving cat. He is very vocal and lets everyone know when he wants attention. All you need is love and patience.
Watkinsville, GA