Tribute to my sweet Marley.

It was August 2013. At the time I was running around like crazy, starting my last semester of nursing school. I was broke, jobless, overwhelmed, anxious, and trying to find courage to let go of a toxic relationship. I often found myself depressed and lost. Thankfully, my mother wanted a dog at that time. I quickly joined; I had loved dogs since childhood. One Sunday morning, I found this long hair, 5 year old Chihuahua online, from a shelter in North Salt Lake. One hour later we were at the shelter asking for a little dog named Marley. They brought out the cutest, black fur ball we have ever seen. We fell in love immediately, adopted him right away. We brought him home on September 12, 2013. As I laid down to watch a movie, Marley laid down right next to me, placing his little head perfectly on my shoulder. This little dog not only stole my heart, but accompanied me through one of the hardest times in my life. He became my companion, my Netflix and chill buddy, my study partner, and the witness of many of my tears. He was there when life felt meaningless. He stayed there to watch me overcome those difficult times. He brought so much joy into my life, as I watched his personality flourish with us. On the afternoon of January 16, 2016, I held him in my arms as he peacefully passed away. An aggressive and advance form of cancer took him away too soon. Nonetheless, as short as his stay was with us, that soul in the form of a sweet dog, made a significant impact in my life. I will always be amazed at the endless love he had for me and my family. Yes, you can say we “rescue” him out of that shelter. To be completely honest though, he rescued me from one of the darkest times in my life and gave me the strength to continue on to better times. Thank you my sweet boy, you will never be forgotten.
Maria Vargas
Murray, UT