Truly an Angel with a Tail

Annie is our beautiful Border Collie / Beagle puppy in this picture. We will be celebrating her 2nd birthday on March 21 2009, and she still acts just like the day we brought her home - an angel. We adopted her two summers ago when my wife and two children heard about a PAWS event here in Chicago called "Angels with Tails". Within minutes of arriving at the event, our eyes met hers, and we knew she was the one - we immediately fell in love! She truly brings an angels touch of love into our family, from her puppy kisses that wake you up in the morning, to her endless cuddling up to you at night. Our previous puppy, Amber, was another adopted angel from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, who blessed us with 14 years of love. These animals are truly angels and an endless gift to those who open their hearts to them and take them into their home.
Michael Kortas
Norridge, IL