Tucker T, my lifesaver

I had been mourning the loss of my Tuxedo cat for two years. I had been looking for another one for awhile, but to no avail. My mother called me one night and asked me if I was still loooking for a tuxedo cat. "Of course!" I replied. She said that one just walked up into their carport just and seemed to want some love. I went to their house and there was this beautiful black and white cat who came up and rubbed up against me. I was in love from that point on. It took awhile to get him used to being an inside cat....and he still goes out from time to time for a walk...but, now, he is our source or entertainment. He rolls around with the dog, wrestles with our other cat and he even comes when he's called. My husband says he's part dog. This is Tucker T...the TUCKMAN!
Harrisburg, NC