Tully Boy

After losing my 17 year old female, Tabitha, my 16 year old Toby needed a playmate. I saw a picture of this adorable tuxie on Craigslist. I picked him up, named him Tully, took him to the Vet for a clean bill of health then took him home. However, he hid in my bedroom all Friday night. Saturday morning came, still no sign of Tully. I finally saw him that afternoon. I laid on the floor and just talked to him. He would take a few steps toward me, roll on his back and look at me. If I tried to get closer, he would run away. Saturday night, I woke to a very warm furball snuggled tight to my stomach. Sunday morning, Tully was in hiding again. Sunday was the same as Saturday but Sunday night I had another warm furball tightly snuggled to me. After almost 3 years together, weekends are Tully snuggled in my lap or he's trying to groom me. He still runs away from me if I catch him off guard but I know he loves his fur-ever home with me, his older sister and his younger brother.
Bellevue, MI