Two new babies to love!

When our 15 yr old fur baby, Jia, passed away last August, we never thought we would be able to love another kitty as much as we loved her. I'm so glad we were wrong. A year and 1 day after we lost our girl, we found ourselves at the county shelter ready to adopt again. My husband & I knew we wanted to rescue siblings and our new babies (along with their mom & 2 sisters) were just brought back into the shelter the day before after being in foster care. Needless to say, they stole our hearts! Dash is our ginger boy and his dilute calico sister is Dinah. The are VERY energetic and love to play with all of their new toys, chase after each other and snuggle up together at night. We have so much love for them and they are quickly becoming very spoiled in their new home! Although we will always love and miss the fur baby we lost, Dinah and Dash have proved that it's possible to make room in our hearts to love them too!
Danielle Carr
Riverview, FL