Unexpected Furry Friend

I was a dog person. I was in the pet store and would talk to the cats, checking out their names. She was poised with her back up, feet tucked under her and chin down. She looked all black. When I said “Hello Heineken” she scooted to the frame of the cage. I did not realize in that moment that she stole my heart and would be mine. The next thing I knew, I was asking to hold her. I went home and told my girls about the tuxedo cat. They were excited, but one of them had been allergic when she was younger. The pet store closed in 15 minutes. They hopped in the car and went to the store, holding her to assure that an allergy was no longer a concern. I submitted an application to the Humane Society and was approved. She came home the following weekend. She was 1-1/2 then, and I had 17 precious years with her. I had to say goodbye this past Thanksgiving. She changed me into a cat person, leading to 3 more kitties coming home with me over those years. I thank God for giving me these precious gifts and the privilege of caring for them. They are my furever friends! I miss you every day Heineken. Half of my heart is with you.
Terri Pierce
Kentwood, MI