Unexpected Love of my Life-Seamus Patrick

I had started working at a Doggie Day care in Sept 2014. There was min pin I adored. His mother worked for a local rescue. In December she had told me about an older min pin who had been surrendered to them. His previous owner was too sick to keep him. At first my thought was to not even consider it cause I wasn't sure. Thankfully my friend and co-worker pushed me into meeting him Once I did I knew I was in love. He was a 12 yr old min pin with missing toe and some lumps and bumps but it was those things that made me love him the most. I knew the minute he laid his head on my shoulder he was going to be mine and he was that January. My little old man. He was perfect in the yard with the other dogs. All he wanted to do was be with me and vice versa. We couldn't have been more compatible. I swear this little man was my doggie equivalent of a soulmate. If those are even possible to have. In May things took a turn for me and Seamus. Found out he had liver cancer and it was pretty serious. He was too old for surgery and Kemo was too expensive. Rescue asked me if I wanted to give him back I said no he was my baby I would take care of him. So for 10 months every month we saw a specialist took his blood and checked his liver count. We would adjust his food accordingly. If you met him wouldn't know he was sick he was the happiest min pin you'd ever meet. Sept 28th Seamus lost his battle to cancer. Been almost 6 months still hurts like it was yesterday. What gets me through is I made the last ten months of his life the best he could have. He loved me as much as I did him. Senior dogs are underrated. He was worth every penny and though our time was short was best 10 months of my life.
Caitlin Ten Eyck
Maple Valley, WA