Unexpected Love

My adoption story began when my mom become a foster parent to two puppies; one male and one female. The two puggle puppies had been dropped off at the animal shelter at 5 weeks of age, each with a 'cherry eye'. The staff thought a backyard breeder did this as they wouldn't expect to make much money off puppies with this condition. The puppies needed to be fostered until they were 8 weeks old and could be put up for a special annual adoption at spcaLA in Long Beach. At that point, they would be spayed and neutered, along with their cherry eyes corrected. I visited my mom's house quite often over those three weeks. We named the little, not even 3 pound female, Peanut. The chubbier, 5 pound male, Pudgie. I already had an older female dog. I knew I never wanted to have a puppy, and most defiitely, not a male. But love can change ones heart. When Pudgie turned 8 weeks old, he was officially adopted by my family; however, he had a place in my heart the first time I laid eyes on him. P.S. Pudgie's sister, Peanut, was also adopted - by my sister and her family!
Colleen Rocha
Lakewood, CA