Update on a Frozen Miracle

Update on a Frozen Miracle Praline: I have adapted well, very well indeed to my new life as a home cat. I have gained a healthy 2½ lb; I love to play with my siblings, especially with my elder Java; I think he sees me as rambunctious, but being the gentleman that he is, he plays along in mutual chasing and let me win the race sometimes. I love catnip; and my favorite toy is definitely the fishing pole with tinsels; the other poles are fun too, mind you; my jumps and somersaults are spectacular to my humans! I have already set rituals around the house, one being daily playtime with my mom in the morning before she leaves for work; and at night, chasing movements under her bed sheets. I remind her that not everything has to be serious in life ;)
Trois-Rivieres, Canada