Vonnegut doesn't write, but he does complete our family.

Our family didn't even realize there was a niche to be filled. We visited the Pikes Peak Humane Society in early February and met two dogs. The second one was a five month old Pit/Weimaraner mix with the most beautiful blue coat and and fabulous iridescent blue-green-silver eyes. When we met him, he was in quarantine. He came in as a stray with parvo and kennel cough. He was so energetic and friendly that we knew immediately that he would have to come home with us. After we completed the paperwork and walked out of the Humane Society, he ran SMACK! into the glass door. It didn't slow him down at all, and we knew we'd made the right decision. Being big readers, we decided to name him Vonnegut after the late author Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut is full of boundless energy and has the most astounding capacity to love. He is sweet tempered and friendly, and loves being with any member of our family, whether it's the two little boys, the German Sheperd, or the fluffy cat. We were thrilled to bring home such a precious, perfect dog, and to realize he had completed our family without even trying. We are grateful to the Humane Society for being so wonderful.
Jessica Battista
Colorado Springs, CO