We drove out of state to get Taz, our wonderful Doxie Mix

Here's a picture of Scooter (front) & Taz (back). We took Scooter in when my nephews couldn't handle him. He brought so much love to us that we decided to adopt a buddy for him. We looked on Petfinder for another Doxie like him, but all the ones at our local shelters found forever homes before we could get to see them. Finally one day we saw TAZ on Petfinder.com, but he was being cared for at an out-of-state shelter. We were worried that we would have trouble adopting him. We emailed the shelter on a Saturday and they agreed to stay late on Monday for us to come see him. We fell in love with him right away and decided to adopt him. Taz was very nervous on the ride home; in fact, when we stopped to stretch he nearly got away from us. But when I called to him he stopped and let us scoop him up! Scooter and Taz did not get along at first, but over time Scooter has come to accept his adopted brother. They still "fight" a lot, but mostly over who gets to give daddy the most kisses. They cuddle together all the time! Taz is a Doxie mix, he looks just like a normal Doxie except for his looong legs! He never gets tired of giving kisses - we think he knows he's a rescue pup!!! Thanks to Petfinder.com & the Pearl River County SPCA!
Mark Guillory
Marrero, LA