We Finally Found Each Other

I lost all three of my dogs in 2008. It was such a sad time for me. My girls had been with me through an abusive marriage and then a divorce. I fought to keep our home so we could stay together but it was tough. They kept me going and then, within a few short months, all of them were gone. I searched the rescues for months for another dog to share my life but something always happened. At one point, a dog I was approved to adopt died at the shelter from heartworm disease. I was so devastated. But, I kept searching because I knew there was a dog out there just waiting for me. And then I found Frankie. When I looked at his face on petfinder, I just knew he was the one. There was such a connection. I was approved to adopt him and travelled 12 hours roundtrip to bring him home. He has been a godsend to me. He makes me laugh and has brought joy into my life again. Frankie is a wonderful friend and companion and I will always be grateful to the rescue group that saved us both.
Coopersburg, PA