We got lucky with Sadie!

I was searching online for a white pageant dress for my daughter and an ad for a rescued dog, through a rescue shelter, caught my eye. The wonderful foster family who took her in were looking for a permanent home for a sweet little lab-mix girl named Sadie. The foster family said when she was first rescued she was emaciated with dull fur and injured in several places. I wanted her and, as soon as the foster family nursed her back from the injuries, they allowed us to adopt her! At first she was timid and cautious, however, she has opened up so much and has an incredible amount of life in her - she is grateful for the life she has now and she lets it show! Sadie is the most loving, communicative & sweet girl and she even smiles! She loves spending the day with my retired-from-the-Marine Corps husband and follows him wherever he goes & snuggles up with him - she is a definitely a dad's girl but when I get home from work I have my sweet Sadie greeting me with big smiles, showing teeth and all, dancing around in excitement welcoming her mom home! Adopting Sadie is one of the best decisions we have ever made and we cannot imagine our Sadie not being a part of our family! She's had some hard times in her earlier life but she has a new life now without worries - she's happy and she lets it show that her rough past is exactly that - in the past.
Sparta, TN