Went hunting for a Turkey and came home with a Bear.

Hi! My name is Bear and this is my story. One day my daddy took his nephews, guess they would be my cousins now, turkey hunting. Well you know little boys get hungry and just have to eat all the time so down the mountain they went for lunch. So I'm just sitting there alone by this road in the woods when they come around the bend, and I'm all wet and cold and hungry. I sure hope that they see me and want a cute little dog that don't have a home no more. Well I saw them go by and thought ok well there goes another car but they didn't stop either. Ok guess I'll just wait and see what happens later. Oh boy, here comes someone else! Oh wait it's that car that I saw earlier guess I'll be waiting some more. But no IT STOPPED! Holy cow it stopped and there were 2 boys in that car and they had FOOD, and not just any food. They had burgers and chicken and biscuits and ice cream. Was I ever happy to see them! They picked me up and put me right in that nice warm car of theirs. I sure was a happy little dog. Daddy told Mommy when she came home and saw me that he thought I was a little bear cub sitting there when he first saw me and that's how I got my name. I sure did get lucky that day, cuz I got the best family in the whole world now and I never have to worry about being alone ever again.
Crimora, VA