Went to the store for some frozen fish, came home with a kitten

On June 16th after picking up our grandson from daycare I went to our local HEB to pick up some fish for dinner. As I walked in I noticed a kitten lurking by the entrance, near the Red Box. In the back of my mind I thought, "If she still there when I come out, I'll catch her and take her home." We already have two cats but I couldn't just leave her. Twenty minutes later I came out to see one of the managers trying to chase her away from the door. He said store policy prohibited animals in the store. I asked him to help me catch her. We blocked her escape route between the Red Box and the shopping carts and he ran inside to get a hamburger and a box to catch her in. She was easy to catch, a little skittish but definitely not feral. I think she was abandoned there as there are no homes nearby. I brought her home and later on when my husband came home showed her to him. He has told me many times that we cannot have any more animals (we have 5 dogs too!) but he fell in love with her immediately. Our future son-in-law who loves cats said that if for any reason we could not keep her (the other cats perhaps not liking her) he would take her. But we have nothing to worry about - Sushi, our one year old black cat absolutely adores her, and even Drake, our 9-year old 'grumpy' orange tabby tolerates her, and gives her the occasional bath. She has been named Mercedes and is a huge people lover - she loves to jump up into our laps and just laze there for as long as we let her. She is now our 5th rescue!
San Antonio, TX