Who Rescued Who

Hi Jackson, Last year I rescued Heidi from a neglectful family who had her nearly 18 years and declawed her. They decided to move out of State were going to release her to the wild and drive away. Outraged, I borrowed a carrier, raced over and took her away from them. I was told she had not be to a Vet in years "because there's nothing wrong with her, she's fine", as goo oozed out of her eye. I immediately took her to a Vet who treated her for conjunctivitis. She hid under my bed everyday until she got to know me - hence Heidi. In time I learned that Heidi was completely deaf, had severe arthritis, digestive issues, and lost the vision in one eye. Ultimately, Heidi developed a tumor on her thyroid gland which the doctor suspected was cancerous. She spared me from the heart wrenching decision I was faced with when she stopped eating and drinking. She was only with me for six months but will remain in my heart forever. Recently, I found myself at the Humane Society. At 9, Skylar was one of the oldest cats they had. The employee could not get her out of her cage without bringing her in her kitty cocoon. He pulled her out and she ran under my chair. I sat on the floor and gently pulled her onto my lap. She curled up and burrowed her face. I began petting her, she began purring. While filling out the paperwork another employee thanked me and began crying. She told me Skylar was adopted as a kitten. Recently her guardian passed away. She was returned to the shelter and lived in a cage for nearly 4 months. That's when I knew fate brought us together. The Vet teased me for picking out a healthy one and gave me her first exam for free for adopting an older cat. I am slowly introducing her to toys, eventually people. I am trying to get her to scratch her scratching post or pad instead of my carpet. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Tampa, FL