Wolfie The Westie!

Meet Wolfie the Westie! The best little guy on four paws! We needed a dog, hypo-allergenic and on the smaller side and would only consider a rescue dog. He was a puppy mill puppy, his poor ears chewed from being kept in a very small cage with larger, aggressive dogs, destined to be destroyed because he could not be sold to a pet store with his damages- we have his groomer shape his hair on his ears so no one can see his losses and so he won't be embarrassed. A very brave little guy, he knew nothing of love, kindness and care. Boy, did we luck out when Main Line Animal Rescue saved him and he chose to come home with us! The very biggest and best heart (and brain) & non-stop personality in a small package, very laid back and loves "his" 3 kitties, who are also rescues. Our lives would not be complete without all 4 of our fur-children!
Jill & Ted W.
Chester Springs, PA