Xena Warrior kitten

I watched in horror as the little feral kitten ran out from under the bushes and into the 4 lane highway where she was bounced around under the wheels of a car and semi truck. Rushing her to the nearest Animal Hospital, through the door in one swift move as I told them what happened and if the kitten could be saved do what they could as the lady behind the desk whisked her from me and rushed the kitten in the back so the Doctor could size up the situation as I signed papers up front to have it euthanized, if necessary. Upon her return the lady said there were no broken bones though they would do an x-ray to make sure and that they would keep me informed to the kittens progress or if they had to put it down, so I left knowing the kitten was in good hands. Later in the day I got a text message from the Doctor that said she put her on oxygen, meds to relieve the swelling on the brain, and Clavamox for the upper respiratory infection. By the end of the day she was awake and biting the Doctor as she was being examined. Though she was awake and alert, she was not yet able to sit or stand on her own. Thinking that a name would make her stronger I allowed the girls in the office to name her. They chose Xena Warrior Kitten. They aged her at around 6 weeks of age and she weighed about 1 lb. The tech took her home for over night observation and was re-examined by the Doctor the next day. She was doing very well and there was hope for a full recovery so I took her home. The 3rd day she had 5 seizures which were treated with steroids and I am happy to say that she has not had a seizure since. She is now eating on her own, using the litter box and playing like nothing had even happened. Next task is to find her a forever home.
Donna Burke
Kankakee, IL