You Left A Paw Print On My Heart

My Kiara was a special girl. She came from a house full of animals. She was with me for 19 years. She loved me. I felt it. She waited for me every day staring out the window and running back and forth if I took too long to come inside. She greeted me with head butts and cries, purrs and excitement. She would wait on the bathroom counter as I showered. She would sleep with me every night no matter where I was. She would sit with me or near me, always. We went through a lot together...Watching a child become an adult, breakups, deaths, break-ins, new jobs, birthday parties, vacations, moving, illness, new editions, happiness and fear. She made me happy. When I found out she had cancer my heart was broken. It moved so quickly. It was in her mouth and it made it hard for her to eat. So I fed her through a syringe to make sure she was getting nourishment, she was on medicine to control the pain. She struggled to drink so I would splash the water on the side of her mouth so she could get enough. She could manage to get down rotisserie chicken. I went to as many stores as I had to for that chicken. (I still cry when I pass that at the store) We were a stubborn two. Neither of us wanted to let go. Even through all if this, she still slept with me. She stayed because I begged for "just one more night" every day until she couldn't get up to greet me anymore. We both knew it was time. On her last day, I didn't want to leave her side, even after she was gone. She was more than a cat. She was my kitty soulmate and her paw prints are forever on my heart.
union city, CA