Yue - New Moon, in spite of humans....

I do not know how old Yue is. I met him last year around April in a shelter here in BA (Arg) when I took a pregnant tricolor she-cat to have family there. Sandra from the shelter offered to help and care. There I came across more than 300 cats!!!! Sandra pays for all expenses, and though I have tried toooo hard to find sponsors, no one helps. Not even the ones who adopt cat/s nor the food company. No one does even give the shelter a discount on food or medicine. (yet, they do give a big discount to breaders... who live on having more kittens and sell them)... well, thing is, I found among those almost 350 cats every Sunday as I went there to help cleaning, washing, taking some cleaning products, taking care of the moms and babies, giving fresh fish to some of the cats, hugging them, etc. Some of the cats waited for me. But one in particular called my attention (appart from the babies and moms). He was a quite big (yet skinny) cat. He could not walk properly and was dragging his hip. Sandra told me a "human" beat him on the column breaking 3 vertebras. Sandra was constant in physical therapy on him. Almost 3 months later, I begged Sandra to let me take him home. And so, he became part of my family. He walks funny and is a bit fatty now. He has no sensibility in back legs. I have to take him to the vet for full recovery. Yet, in spite of what humans did to him, he is pure love! He begs for love all the time. I must thank Sandra for all she has done. I wish there were more people like her in this world.
Carolina Ragazzon
Buenos Aires, Argentina