Zee's story with a side warning.

My boyfriend wanting to get me a cat for my birthday found this adorable Tabby kitten advertised as 4 months old in February on craigslist. The advertiser claimed she was a rescue shelter for her area and claimed she rescued her and rehabilitated our new baby. She had told my boyfriend that our new little baby at the time was socialized, loved kids and dogs and was a cuddle bug, scared of the outside but other wise a kitten with no issues. He was also told she was big for her age. I was leery causes there was no adoption paperwork done no story of Zee's history given just nothing but this frightened baby We get her home and she hides - at first we figured she was just a bit frightened and scared and gave her a few days but it got drastic when our little one wasn't eating and drinking.. After the third day we had to finally catch her and cage her so she could get used to us and eat and drink water. She is still skittish but she now will ask for attention and look at you like you are here to serve me. After month we could finally pet her. I knew by then she was feral. I noticed something else i would pet her on one side and she would meow and jerk. I suspect she was abused not sure by who but i have suspicions given the misinformation we were given. We later found out why all of sudden at after 1 month of having her she went into heat. She wasn't 4 months when we got her she was 6 months old. So yes we are rehabilitating our baby and is a great loving cat who loves her rope and playing fetch with it. MY warning though when dealing with people who claim to be rescue shelters - ask for paper work, ask for history of the rescue, and definitely keep the address and phone number.
Marion, IA