Zeus king of my Olympus

I volunteer for the "Refuge pour chats de Verdun" to foster Zeus, a tabby 2 year old male with tons of love and purrs. His story comes from back a year ago; being rescued in the middle of one of the coldest winter out there, a very nice lady took him in from the streets and started feeding him. Unfortunately his story only started then because he became ill and started loosing a lot of weight, after several test and trips to the vet it was discovered that he has diabetes and the vet was not sure if it was worth to save him or put him to sleep, at that moment the Refuge posted on their website they needed a foster family immediately because the other lady couldn't have him and if no one was to be found he would of probably had a different story, that's when I came in the picture. I volunteer to foster him. I was told he didn't like to be pet on his tail and he was ok with dogs but not so friendly, the refuge was even concerned that he might be unfriendly towards my 7 year old. Well guess what? he is the sweetest out there, he loves to be pet on his tail, he loves the dog and he totally adores my child. Within my care he has earn his weight back and is getting back in shape. He eats, plays and enjoys the sun coming from the windows in the morning. Zeus story hasn't finished yet, because he is still looking for his FOREVER FAMILY, which from the bottom of my heart I hope it will be someone who really cares and loves him! I'm just thankful I got the chance to help him overcome this hard times and he has being able to get involved with a family. he finally knows love exist. and I know he will find the perfect family for him
Brossard, Canada