Meet the Queen of the our house for 15 years. She had a very mischievous side that she displayed to it's full when she thought she could without sacrificing her dignity. She was dumped out at my Dad's house in a very rural area on Halloween week. She looked to be about 9 months old and nursing kittens. We never found the kittens. Why anyone dumped her was beyond me. She had perfect house manners. Their loss, my family's gain! My son wanted to name her Butterscotch. Interesting choice but we eventually decided upon Zodiac. She has kept all the other critters in the family in line by being their Mother with all love and discipline that goes with that. She loved and cared for everyone. She didn't care if you were human, cat or dog. She even tolerated rats. She would watch them closely to their dismay. :) In the attached picture she is frustrated. She is sitting in the makeshift cat door. In good weather it was in a low window so the cats could go in and out as they wanted. That day was very cold and snowy so the window was closed. She wanted to go out and was letting me know very loud and clear! But as soon as I opened the door she very quickly changed her mind. Today, she lost her last battle, cancer is not so nice. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and all the love of a family that will miss her very much. Happy Hunting on the other side, Zodiac. May all the voles be tasty!
lyn t
Madison County, AR