My name is Amy and I greatly support rescue adoptions. I had a wonderful dog for 15 yrs, Shani who passed away 3 yrs ago. When she started getting sick, I started looking at rescue sites and found a dog in Chicago, Teeka. That adoption didnt turn out so great, she had been abused and as loving as she was, also very tempermental. I lost part of a finger trying to stop her attacking my older dog. But it has not stopped me from believing that abused animals need our help. I have since adopted Zoey, a mastiff /german shepherd mix who was 9 mo. old when I got her. I found her on Petfinder classifieds and drove 3 hrs to pick her up. It was the best thing ever! She is a wonderful dog (2 yrs old now and 105 lbs) and she loves to try to sit on my lap! She is still a little scared of new things but warms up wonderfully. We had to buy a bigger bed because she's only happy next to us, but we really love her!! I hope to start looking for a friend for her soon. Its so hard to choose when there are so many wonderful dogs on the rescue site, I want them all!! Good luck and A BIG THANKs to anyone who adopts a rescue.