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Hide, Perch & Go Habitats for Shelter Cats

Item # 37626

Shelter life can be scary for cats. The transition from home to shelter (or shelter to home) brings many changes in sights, smells and surroundings, often leaving cats fearful of their new situation.

The Hide, Perch, and Go Box gives a cat control over her environment, reducing stress and helping her adapt to her new surroundings. Designed so that cats have separation of functional areas in their cage at the shelter, the box allows cats to engage in normal cat behavior such as hiding and perching and gives them a choice of viewing points of their surroundings. Because cats can mark the box with their own scent by face-rubbing and scratching, the box and cage feel more familiar to them.

When a cat is adopted, the box converts to a carrier. In the new home, the box can be reassembled into the Hide, Perch, and Go format to provide a safe, familiar retreat, saturated with the cat's own scent, while the cat adjusts to her new setting.

This Gift That Gives More™ supplies four Hide, Perch & Go boxes to distributed by the Petfinder.com Foundation to shelters and rescue groups throughout their network, helping cats feel safer and happier, and increasing their chances of adoption.

Report from the Field

From Tom L. Colvin, speaking for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa:
"The Hide, Perch, and Go boxes will provide the homeless cats that ARL cares for the opportunity to feel more secure and comfortable in their environment, less stressed, and thus more adoptable."

From Sarah Walker, Cat Program Manager, Seattle Humane Society:
"Many staff members noticed and remarked how readily the cats took to the boxes in their cubbies. We installed them and the kitties were in them and investigating them immediately. They've been a hit. We also use them in colony rooms to add beds and hiding places for the shyer cats."

Since 2010, more than 60,000 boxes made possible by this Gift That Gives More has been distributed by the Petfinder.com Foundation to shelters and rescue groups throughout their network.

The Petfinder.com Foundation helps homeless pets by saving lives through adoptions, helping shelters prepare for and recover from disaster and working to make sure animal welfare organizations across the country are more sustainable. Its mission is to ensure no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home. Since 2003 the foundation has provided over $20 million in grants to animal welfare organizations and Petfinder.com member shelters and rescue groups.

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