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Turbo Track™ Cat Toy

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Give your cat endless hours of play with a toy created from a simple concept -- a track and a ball -- that's simply entertaining! What sets this toy apart from others is its flexibility -- literally. It can be reconfigured into a variety of pathways and shapes to keep your cat from getting bored. For advanced play, connect multiple sets of tracks and transform it into a highway of dreams for your favorite feline.

  • 9 pieces of track, ranging from 2" T x 6" L x 3" D (5.1 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm) to 2" T x 10" L x 3" D (5.1 x 25.4 x 7.6 cm)
  • One 2" diameter (5.1 cm) ball
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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- December 30, 2017
My cats love this! Even my older cats have found this toy intriguing. Two or three will gather around it and bat the ball to each other. I hear them playing with this toy all hours. It is nice that the shape can be changed. It keeps them interested. A worthy investment!

- July 31, 2016
My cats aged 2 and 9 BOTH LOVED this from the moment I put it together. They played non-stop for at least an hour taking turns hitting the ball. I have had it for several months and they both still play with it, unlike some toys they like for a short time and then ignore. I recommend this for any age kitty to keep them moving.

- January 27, 2016
When I got this, I was hoping one of my three cats would like it. Two of them are older & do not play much, but Junior likes it a lot. We named it "Harley," because it goes around the track. It's in the living room next to my bedroom, but does not prevent me from going to sleep if he chooses to play with it at bedtime. I just noticed - it's $16.99 today. Can you do a price match?

- October 12, 2015
My cat for whom I bought this loves it. I love hearing him play with it when I am busy working on another floor, knowing he is entertained also when I am gone. I bought this for the cat that likes the small circular toys with channeled balls often seen at petstores and am so happy I did. I configured it as shown in figure 8 for interest, but when he gets bored, I look forward to reconfiguring into any one of the many alternate shapes to keep interest up. Wish I could buy one for every shelter that I know!!! Easy to assemble. Ball is secure in the channel and cannot be 'pawed out'

- September 12, 2015
My cats love this, they play for hours. In fact sometimes I have to hide it to get to sleep!! I've been happy with everything from Greater good, and am glad it helps the shelter cats too! Win win!😻😻😻

- August 9, 2015
My two younger cats love this! They bat the ball back & forth. It's pretty amusing for the humans to watch, too.

- June 28, 2015
I bought this for my son's cat to have in their new apartment. Jet loves it and it keeps her busy and entertained. I like that you could build it in different shapes. We built the figure 8 one. The ball is nice and sturdy...Jet had been having a ball ;)

- May 12, 2015
I ordered one, but it came without the ball. When I sent an inquiry, they sent me another complete Turbo Track! I have five cats, and two of them love to play with this. The other three aren't interested, but that's normal cat behavior. Not all cats like the same toys. I donated the first one, with a ball I found, to my favorite shelter, an the cats there enjoy playing with it.

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